If you feel a bit bored with your daily exercise or gym routine then virtual reality fitness is the right option for you. It will keep you engaged and you will also keep those levels cleared up. The new trend of immersive fitness is here and it seems that this trend is here to stay.

Companies like Beat Saber have built sweat inducing VR games and companies like VR Cover have built VR fitness accessories that give people a cleaner and more comfortable VR experience.

People have started to realize that by using these virtual reality games they can exercise too. At first most of the games were designed for the people that want to sit and just move around in the virtual world. However, with the technological advancements, the players can now use the controllers with their real-time body movements to play and move around in the game. This trend has not only changed the way games are designed but it has also changed the users have been playing them.

Emerging VR Fitness Industry

The VR fitness industry is definitely something that you need to look out for in the coming years. With the consistent growth in augmented and virtual reality technologies, there is a lot more for us to explore.

However, people have already found these technologies very useful in the fitness industry. There are so many games that you can play and their platforms allow you to move around in different directions which can work pretty well for your fitness.


Many fitness centers in the US are offering a session which is called The Trip. In this session, different videos appear on the 3D screens that are floor to ceiling in size. The videos are synced with music. The participants of these spinning classes can do paddling up hills or even through fantasy lands and through the forests.

The participants can lean their bikes up-and-down as well as side-by-side in a manner as if they are riding on the hills.


On a bit more relaxing spectrum the immerse experience is also used in some of the gyms for yoga classes. With technological advancements, it is only going to get better.

How Virtual Reality is used here?

It is all about the visual and audio aids that you need during your virtual reality fitness session. The gyms provide their participants with VR headsets that have the gaming software. The most important thing is to monitor the activity during the session and for that, the users also receive various body sensors that they can hold or wear during the workout.

When you start moving the VR world around you starts to respond. One of the biggest advantages of using virtual reality for exercise is that you will stay focused on the game and this way psychologically you will not tire. You will not even realize that you have been working out so intensively. It means that your performance levels will increase too.

In addition to that, the fitness and health experts are also looking for various options where they can use virtual reality to perform a number of cognitive behavioral therapies. There have been many cases where scientists have used virtual reality to treat post-traumatic stress disorder among soldiers. There have been some cases where this technology has been used on adults to keep them relaxed during small scale surgical operations.


Let’s talk about some of the challenges associated with VR fitness:

  • One of the challenges that the gyms have to deal with is that they must clean the gadget and the accompanying equipment before another user wears it.
  • The users must have enough space to move around safely.
  • An expensive option and not many people will look at it as a go-to option.
  • Some people feel nausea when using it.

The Example of Beat Saber

Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise found through research that this game can burn the number of calories equivalent to someone who is playing tennis. Based on average it means that you will burn 6 to 8 calories per minute while playing Beat Saber.

For this reason, when we talk about virtual reality fitness then Beat saber pops up in mind. You just need to slash the blocks using your light-saber. In addition to that, you must also avoid different obstacles while doing that. Because there are objects coming at you, you don’t require a lot of space in the real world either. This game is one of the most viable options if you want cardiovascular activity.

Boosting your workout with virtual reality

Studies have shown that while working in a virtual environment, it can help in improving endurance and boosting performance. It happens due to another fact. Your level of perceived effort and pain is greatly reduced by virtual reality. Your primary focus is on the game that you are playing and you don’t feel any tiring or muscle pain.

You can easily increase the intensity of your workout as you go on the next level. But you will not feel it because you are emphasizing on the task at hand.

As the virtual reality fitness is an emerging industry there are not many options when it comes to fitness games. Most of them are still close to the conventional designs best suited for the couch potatoes. Virtual reality can play a significant role in immersive fitness. You will be able to sweat through your session without any issues because psychologically your entire focus will be on the level that you want to clear. It will lower the extent of pain and tiredness you feel. Last but not least. . . Virtual Reality fitness will keep you going for a longer period of time.

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