Anshar Wars 2 Multiplayer Update – The Best Just Got Better

Anshar Wars was one of the earliest demos on the Gear VR and I spent a good amount of time playing it and thinking about how much I would like it to be developed into a more robust experience. The single player was fun enough for a while but it did get a bit repetative before too long. On the rare occasion however that I managed to find someone to play against in the multiplayer I realized that the game could have been so much more.

Anshar Wars 2 Multiplayer and VoIP

Image of Jarian Deathmatch map

When Anshar Wars 2 came out I got the full single player experience that I had been craving from the first game, but noticably missing from it was the multiplayer mode that had made the first game stand out. As I was playing an early review copy of the game I hoped that it would be released alongside the full game on launch day, but after contacting Stephane Intissar, OZWE CEO, to ask about it I was told that it would not be coming at launch. Did that mean it would be coming later? They were neither confirming nor denying.

In early March I received a message from Intissar telling me that the feature I had been wanting was going to be announced Wednesday at GDC. If you’re familiar with this site then you know that I’ve given Anshar Wars 2 the highest score on the site and I stand by that score. So I was excited. But then he gave me even better news. I was going to get to play it early. With him and other developers.

I followed his instructions to get an early build of the game and we set up a time to play. There are four levels to choose from Sector 11 (Deathmatch), Jarian (Deathmatch), Damir (1 vs. All) and Moldo (Team Conquest). I will explain all of these modes further down.


There was only time for one game against the devs and for that game we were playing in Jarian, which seems to be influenced by a recently released Space Opera film that the kids these days are fond of. Jarian is a desert world and the battlefield is the area in and around a crashed ship roughly the size of a Star Destroyer. You can soar over the wings and hull of the ship or dive and swerve through the destroyed interior. Doing so requires some quick thinking and makes you feel awesome.

This game with the developers was the most real sense I was able to get of how multiplayer will work because there were four people in the match. Though I still have access to multiplayer, very few other people do and all matches I’ve played since this game have been one on one. Even then this mode is a blast.

In deathmatch you are flying the fighter craft armed with missiles, your standard cannon, and a teleport ability that allows you to press B and fly through a vortex that sends you backward a seemingly random distance. This is useful when you are being chased and you hear the beep of a missile lock. But you might have to get crafty since your pursuer can use theirs as well and wind up right back behind you.

There has been some negativity around the choice to steer the ship with your gaze but in this mode I would have it no other way. The ability to turn as quickly as my body can turn has been an invaluable asset and leads to some crazy frenetic dogfights that just wouldn’t be possible with a standard controller scheme. Because of this you will likely want to play standing up if you care at all about winning.


Image of single player campaign level. Will be replaced with proper art once available.

Sector 11

Sector 11 is also a deathmatch level. This area is similar to the first level of the game with large asteroids, some of which have large holes in them that you can fly through. Your tactics will have to change a bit in this level as you are likely to be out in the open a lot more than in Jarian.


Damir is a game mode called One vs. All. The stage is some sort of massive structure floating in the middle of an asteroid belt. These asteroids are smaller than the ones in Sector 11 and chasing someone through them makes you feel like Rosco P. Coltrane chasing them Duke boys.

Damir is different because in this level you start out in a fighter and it’s a race to see who can get to the EMP ship first. The EMP ship doesn’t have rockets or the teleportation ability, but it does have the EMP blast, which is like an arc of electricity that blasts out at anyone who is too close when it’s activated. It also has stronger shields and seems to be a bit faster than the fighter ship. Each time you frag someone in the EMP ship it’s worth 4 points and fragging the EMP ship is worth 2 points. You can still kill the other fighters in the level, but they are only worth one measley point. So by picking up the EMP ship you are painting a target on your back that everyone will want to shoot.


Image of single player campaign level. Will be replaced with proper art once available.


Moldo is the final stage in the multiplayer expansion. This stage is the surface of a fiery planet. Like Damir, all players start in a fighter ship. There is one bomber in the level and the idea is one person takes the bomber and starts destroying these machines called extractors. This is a team match so your teammates are there to defend you while the other team is trying to take you out so they can have the bomber.

Kills on Moldo don’t mean anything toward match victory. The winning team will be the one who was able to do the most damage to extractors. However, your kills are still tallied toward your score on the leaderboard so there is still a good incentive to rack up the kill count.

Other Stuff

All of the matches have a ten minute time limit and thanks to the inclusion of VoIP you will be able to talk smack to your opponents and call out for help to your teammates the entire time. The voice chat works quite well on the whole, but it does have the occasional hiccup where you have to ask someone to repeat themselves. Overall I’ve had little to complain about with it. Hopefully that remains the case as the servers are filled with players from all over the world.

Anshar Wars 2 is already one of the best, most polished and deepest games on Gear VR. Just read my review to see how much I love this game. But with the inclusion of multiplayer it’s just gotten so much better. It is now, without a doubt, the most filled out, robust gaming experience available to us mobile VR users.

It’s clear the folks at OZWE have a passion for this game and for their audience. Most recently they added an options menu for increasing the depth of the game, scaling the camera so that objects in the game seemed more 3D. Along with this came the addition of a battery monitor on loading screens telling you what percentage of battery you have left. A small, but helpful change.

Now they are bringing multiplayer. A huge expansion that will add hours of playtime to an already fantastic game. And they aren’t stopping there. There are more surprises in the works. So this best game will just keep getting better.

As of writing I have not been told when this mode will be available. As soon as I know I will update this article.

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Written by:

Daryle | VR Giant
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  • Joseph Cathey

    Any updates on when multiplayer will be released? Incredible game. Multiplayer would take it to a whole new level.

    • VR Giant

      It was released a while ago. It’d quite fun. You should check it out.