Fusion Wars Quick Look

If you've been wanting a great first person shooter game that is fast and not only has, but requires full controller support, then Fusion Wars may just be the game that you've been waiting for. It isn't perfect, but it's the most polished game we've seen in a long time. I suspect it will take it's position among the ranks of games like Anshar Wars 2, Esper 2, Dead Secret and other Gear VR greats.

Starfighter Arduxim

Starfighter Arduxim is the latest space shooter game to grace the Gear VR. It follows in the footsteps of Anshar Wars, Anshar Wars 2, End Space, Cosmos Warfare...um, Starship Disco? How loose are we going with comparisons here? Anyway, the point is, there have been a lot of space shooter games on the Gear VR and to be honest, even though I am sick to death with space (which is something I never thought I would say, but there we are) I really enjoyed it. As a matter of fact, it is the first game I've played all the way through in a long time.

Hex: Heavy Encounter EXOsuit

Many of us who have been in the Gear VR game for a while are familiar with Robot Invader and I'm sure I'm not the only one who was pretty excited to see a new game from the studio show up in the store on Wednesday. In case you aren't a member of this group, Robot Invader is the studio who made Dead Secret. If that still doesn't ring a bell for you, then you need to stop reading this right now, go to the Oculus Store and purchase Dead Secret. It was one of the earlier games on the store and remains one of the best to this day. For the rest of you, the game I'm talking about here is Hex: Heavy Encounter EXOsuit.

Baskhead is a game where you have basketballs being tossed at your hoop-clad face and your job is to ensure the balls go through the hoop. If that doesn’t sound like fun to you, what about if I told you there were some half decent video game cheerleaders on the floor in front of you while you did this? Still no? What if I told you that there were different modes such as, score points to increase timer? Or score as many points as you can before the timer runs out? Or maybe, if you miss one ball it’s game over? Does any of that make you want to play this game? If not I can’t help you because that seems to be all it has to offer.

If Baskhead were free I would say give it a shot. If it were $0.99, I would say, play at your own risk. But at $3.99, even though it looks pretty good graphically, I would say play it only if $3.99 means nothing to you.

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