Did You Know? You Can Buy Gear VR and Rift Content From Any Browser on Any Device

Buy Gear VR Rift Website

In addition to viewing your account and purchases through any browser on any device, you can also purchase Gear VR and Oculus Rift apps through oculus.com. Oculus recently started to list the entire store listing through their website’s “Experiences” section, but it originally lacked any way to make purchases.

Regarding the Gear VR, the purchasing ability adds regionally based pricing for all apps and allows you to buy titles without using the previously required Oculus app on your phone. Once purchased, the new titles will appear in your library on your compatible Samsung device, although it does not appear to automatically install it. You’ll finally be able to shop on the store without your phone.

Although it may be less exciting to browse the store for the Rift when you could use the Oculus software, this gives you the option of shopping for the Rift while you’re on the go. The functionality is also available on your mobile browser.

Buy Gear VR Rift Website

As mentioned above, logging into your Oculus account from a browser will also give you access to other features including your profile, your purchase history, and your library for your Gear VR and/or Oculus Rift. Add this to the NEW Gear VR hardware and recently updated “Home” on the Gear VR that matches the “Home” on the Rift, and it’s easy (and comforting) to see that Oculus is continuing to seriously to push the Gear VR platform in addition to the Rift.

Check out the Gear VR Store from any browser, including your phone’s browser:

Oculus Gear VR Experiences

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