New Release: Captain Clarke Adventures

Captain Clarke

Publisher: NexeVR     Developer: NexeVR

Price: $  8.99 CAD

Category: Game     Genre: Adventure Exploration

Comfort Level: Comfortable for most
Gamepad Required: No


Captain Clark Adventures is a “look-and— tap” virtual reality adventure game (VR first—person “point-and—click” game) where you play through the main character’s eyes in VR.

In this first episode, you embody Captain Clark, a ship captain in the 18005, who has been attacked at sea by pirates. The ship’s crew has been decimated. Only the captain has been spared and has been taken prisoner on the pirates’ island. The pirates have gone back out to sea and the captain is now alone in a cage on the beach awaiting the pirates’ return. To survive, he will need to try to escape the island.

Come explore the pirates’ island and dive

into an epic, enthralling adventure for the Gear VR!

Oculus Rift Cover

Written by:

Daryle | VR Giant
Twitter: @VRG_Daryle