Micro Machines

Micro Machines VR Racing – Gear VR Review

I wasn’t expecting to see Micro Machines when I booted up the Oculus Store last night. I know that sometimes bigger releases don’t get pushed out on Wednesday with the rest of the riff-raff and so I usually check the store several times on Thursday but after checking several times today and seeing nothing I figured we were done for this week. Then, mostly out of habit and boredom, I checked the store again and there it was. And I became excited. I’ve never played the old Micro Machines but I know that those who did were often pretty big fans of it and I thought maybe this would be the Gear VR’s version of BlazeRush, which is an incredible game and have it or something like it on the Gear VR would be lit, or whatever the heck you kids are saying these days.

Archer E Bowman

Archer E Bowman – A Gear VR Review

Archer E Bowman is a game that I really want to like. It has some humour, it looks great and it plays well. I thought that way back when it was released for free in the concepts section and I still think it now. Everything about the game is good except for one thing. It’s not a lot of fun.

I’m not sure that that is Archer E Bowman’s fault though. This game has been in development for a long time, but in that time we have been treated to (or subjected to depending on your opinion) a lot of gazed based stationary shooters. Some of them are much better than others and Archer E Bowman is certainly one of the best there is in the category, but ultimately, no matter how good of a stationary shooter it is, it’s still a stationary shooter. You can swap out the graphics, change the enemies, imbue the character with various powers or equip them with varying forms of ammunition, but in the end the play is still just looking and tapping and looking and tapping. And not a lot else.