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Swing Star – Gear VR Review

The game is about a boy who has a spring loaded hand helmet that can grab on to anything. You use this helmet to grab objects throughout the level and swing on them as you make your way toward a bell somewhere in the stage. The bell is sometimes plainly visible and sometimes it’s hidden out of sight.


Herobound Gladiator – Gear VR Review

Should you download Herobound Gladiator? It’s free, so yes. But is it worth your limited time? That’s a resounding “sure, why not?” Herobound Gladiator is the multiplayer map version of Spirit Champion. It uses all the same assets. taking a single room from the SC world and turning it into a multiplayer arena in which up to four players hack and slash wave after wave of bad guys.

Into The Dead

Into The Dead – Gear VR review

Suppose you are out flying a hubbacopter… no wait, sorry, I live with a two year old, let me start again. Suppose you are out flying a helicopter and you crash it into the ground like most of us probably would because we aren’t pilots. Now suppose that this was not the worst thing to happen to you that day because you happened to crash into a, murky, foggy, zombie infested field in the middle of nowhere. What do you do? If the zombies are trying eat you it means you have brains so the answer to the question is run. Or, as they say where I live, book it.