Affected: The Manor – Gear VR Review

I’ve just finished playing Affected: The Manor and I have to say, this is probably what horror games or experiences in VR ought to be. It’s creepy, it looks great, it’s not too long and even though it relies on jump scares a lot, you pretty much know when they are coming and can be prepared. In other words, you’ll be able to get through this one.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan – Gear VR Review

The first game that I reviewed on the Gear VR was Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games. I loved that game in spite of it’s short length. It was well made, looked great, had lots of humour and was just a lot of fun. All of these features are back in Floor Plan, including, unfortunately, the short play time. This combination of features was exactly what we wanted in the early days of the Gear VR when there was a dearth of experiences to be had. But now that the library has filled up more, is it enough to warrant putting down your hard earned dollars?

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Bazaar – Gear VR Review

Bazaar is a strange game. In fact, with only a small change to the name it would be described perfectly in the title. I propose the following “Weird Flying Carpet Stuff-Gathering Game with Monkeys and Crocodiles. And More!” Yeah, that is pretty…

Drift Gear VR

Drift – Gear VR Review

I have a system of sorts. I play the game. I beat the game. I write the review for the game. I’ve done ten game reviews and this is the form I’ve used. But Drift is beating me. This game is hard. It’s largely about developing muscle memory and that…