New Release – JUMP

The team at Endeavor One delivers the fantasy of scaling a major metropolis to Virtual Reality. Start at the roof a tenement building in New York City and Jump your way to the top of Freedom Tower! Test your skills and scale Tokyo, Detroit, Seattle, and Philadelphia.


Herobound Gladiator – Gear VR Review

Should you download Herobound Gladiator? It’s free, so yes. But is it worth your limited time? That’s a resounding “sure, why not?” Herobound Gladiator is the multiplayer map version of Spirit Champion. It uses all the same assets. taking a single room from the SC world and turning it into a multiplayer arena in which up to four players hack and slash wave after wave of bad guys.


Anshar Wars 2 Multiplayer Expansion

It’s clear the folks at OZWE have a passion for this game and for their audience. Most recently they added an options menu for increasing the depth of the game, scaling the camera so that objects in the game seemed more 3D. Along with this came the addition of a battery monitor on loading screens telling you what percentage of battery you have left. A small, but helpful change. Now they are bringing multiplayer. A huge expansion that will add hours of playtime to an already fantastic game. And they aren’t stopping there. There are more surprises in the works. So this best game will just keep getting better.