Gear VR Store Update Coming Later This Week

One of the most persistent complaints about the Gear VR has been the Oculus Store. Many users consider it to be cumbersome and difficult to use and while there have been some improvements, perhaps the biggest complaint of them all, a lack of user reviews, has remained unaddressed. Until now, that is. According to Reddit user zero-gee, who works with Oculus, there will be a new 2D store experience rolling out later this week that will bring new functionality, including user reviews.


Samsung and Six Flags Partner to create VR Roller Coasters

Samsung has been named the “Official Technology Partner” for Six Flags, one of the worlds largest theme park companies. This partnership is set to bring about a hi tech advancement in roller coasters, an amusement ride that, despite becoming faster, flashier and more thrilling has not changed an awful lot since it’s first incarnations.