Hitman Go

Hitman Go – Gear VR First Impressions

Well, I’m an idiot. Hitman Go came out on mobile ages ago and I saw it and wrote it off. It’s everything I hate about mobile games. Boring and over simplistic. Take one thing and build a game around it. For the most part, even the good mobile games are good for a few minutes and then you delete them from your phone because you’ve seen everything they have to offer in the first two minutes. I love Hitman. I didn’t want to see it reduced to this.

VR Fantasy

Make It A Gear Game – VR Fantasy

VR Fantasy is a great little game that I discovered the other day while browsing the Google Play Store. I thought that it looked decent so I downloaded it and gave it a shot. I have to admit, it was better than I was expecting. I’ve downloaded my fair share of titles that looked good in the images only to find that they were nearly unplayable, or nothing more than a collections of purchased assets that you can walk around but do nothing else. I was expecting more of that when I downloaded this free game but I was pleasantly surprised to find a short, but enjoyable experience.