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Daryle here. My time with VR Giant has come to an end. Actually, it came to an end a while ago. But fret not if you’re one of the few regulars who enjoyed my content here, I have only moved places. You can now find me at Dads And Dragons.com where I will still be reviewing virtual reality games among other things. My time with VR Giant, especially at the height of its popularity, was one of the most amazing periods of my life. After 20 years of looking forward to virtual reality I somehow wound up with a website where I got to write about it and managed to snag a satisfying chunk of audience. I was able to foster relationships with game developers, other folks in the VR media, people at Oculus and far more VR users than I likely ever would have without a website. This is where I feel like I should thank the people who made it possible. That would be you, the reader. I’ve had lots of blogs in my time that no one was reading. Having an audience makes it a totally different beast. A better beast. The kind of beast you can get excited about. When you hear people say they couldn’t have done it without you, turns out they actually mean it. Well, I do anyway. They might be lying to your face. There are others who I would like to thank, but they don’t much care for the spotlight so I will just say thank you and they will know who they are.

Hitman Go

Hitman Go – Gear VR First Impressions

Well, I’m an idiot. Hitman Go came out on mobile ages ago and I saw it and wrote it off. It’s everything I hate about mobile games. Boring and over simplistic. Take one thing and build a game around it. For the most part, even the good mobile games are good for a few minutes and then you delete them from your phone because you’ve seen everything they have to offer in the first two minutes. I love Hitman. I didn’t want to see it reduced to this.

VR Fantasy

Make It A Gear Game – VR Fantasy

VR Fantasy is a great little game that I discovered the other day while browsing the Google Play Store. I thought that it looked decent so I downloaded it and gave it a shot. I have to admit, it was better than I was expecting. I’ve downloaded my fair share of titles that looked good in the images only to find that they were nearly unplayable, or nothing more than a collections of purchased assets that you can walk around but do nothing else. I was expecting more of that when I downloaded this free game but I was pleasantly surprised to find a short, but enjoyable experience.