Anshar Wars 2 Multiplayer Expansion

It’s clear the folks at OZWE have a passion for this game and for their audience. Most recently they added an options menu for increasing the depth of the game, scaling the camera so that objects in the game seemed more 3D. Along with this came the addition of a battery monitor on loading screens telling you what percentage of battery you have left. A small, but helpful change. Now they are bringing multiplayer. A huge expansion that will add hours of playtime to an already fantastic game. And they aren’t stopping there. There are more surprises in the works. So this best game will just keep getting better.


Neverout – VR Giant Preview

Looking at the images and video for Neverout you might be reminded of an old B-movie called “Cube”. And there is good reason for that. When asked if they were aware of the movie and if it an inspiration for the game, Lead Developer Michał…