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Daryle here. My time with VR Giant has come to an end. Actually, it came to an end a while ago. But fret not if you’re one of the few regulars who enjoyed my content here, I have only moved places. You can now find me at Dads And Dragons.com where I will still be reviewing virtual reality games among other things. My time with VR Giant, especially at the height of its popularity, was one of the most amazing periods of my life. After 20 years of looking forward to virtual reality I somehow wound up with a website where I got to write about it and managed to snag a satisfying chunk of audience. I was able to foster relationships with game developers, other folks in the VR media, people at Oculus and far more VR users than I likely ever would have without a website. This is where I feel like I should thank the people who made it possible. That would be you, the reader. I’ve had lots of blogs in my time that no one was reading. Having an audience makes it a totally different beast. A better beast. The kind of beast you can get excited about. When you hear people say they couldn’t have done it without you, turns out they actually mean it. Well, I do anyway. They might be lying to your face. There are others who I would like to thank, but they don’t much care for the spotlight so I will just say thank you and they will know who they are.


VR Cover Review

Here is something new! A video review of VR Cover Rift products. I wouldn’t expect to see this sort of thing often unless companies suddenly start sending me free stuff to review (feel free to do that companies…I’m down.) But I was sent these and decided to share my thoughts. I was not paid to say this, but I was given the products for free. I guess saying that is sort of a spoiler about my opinion on them, but watch the video anyway wouldja? Thanks!

Micro Machines

Micro Machines VR Racing – Gear VR Review

I wasn’t expecting to see Micro Machines when I booted up the Oculus Store last night. I know that sometimes bigger releases don’t get pushed out on Wednesday with the rest of the riff-raff and so I usually check the store several times on Thursday but after checking several times today and seeing nothing I figured we were done for this week. Then, mostly out of habit and boredom, I checked the store again and there it was. And I became excited. I’ve never played the old Micro Machines but I know that those who did were often pretty big fans of it and I thought maybe this would be the Gear VR’s version of BlazeRush, which is an incredible game and have it or something like it on the Gear VR would be lit, or whatever the heck you kids are saying these days.


Chronos – Oculus Rift

Gunfire games contacted me not too long ago and said they noticed that I hadn’t reviewed Chronos yet and would I like a key to be able to do so? I told them that I would love a key, but my system isn’t up to spec so I’m not sure it would run. I’m rocking a GTX 770 and a DK2 on this bad boy (I’m referring to my computer.) He said he was going to check with the team to see what they said about it. After a few days I became impatient and asked if he had learned anything and he said they weren’t sure but I was welcome to try it. And try it I did.


Free Throw Bomber

Free Throw Bomber is a game that I wasn’t expecting to like as much as I did. If you have a peek in the history of articles here you will see that I didn’t much care for Baskhead. There just wasn’t a lot to it. I was expecting that Free Throw Bomber was going to be pretty much the same except throwing the balls instead of catching them. And, that is what you do, but it’s mixed up with bombs, difficult (though limited) goals, and innocent bystanders you can maim. I will admit, my initial impressions (which you can see in the video below) were a bit more favourable than the lasting impression the game has left me with, but I still think that it’s a fun game to pass the time and I can think of worse things to spend three bucks on.

Wands Title

Wands on the Gear VR

Wands is a wizard duelling game and, though I’ve only played a few matches, most of them against an AI opponent, I have to say that it’s a pretty good game. You start by selecting your wand and adding attachments. The attachments are purchased with Relic Dust which you earn during the competative matches. You have a limited selection of attachments at the start, but you can see what the others are going to do once you manage to gather enough dust to buy them. There are not a ton of add ons, but with the amount of Relic Dust earned each match and the fact that the cost of attachments goes up as you buy them, it could take a long time to see them all.


Affected: The Manor – Gear VR Review

I’ve just finished playing Affected: The Manor and I have to say, this is probably what horror games or experiences in VR ought to be. It’s creepy, it looks great, it’s not too long and even though it relies on jump scares a lot, you pretty much know when they are coming and can be prepared. In other words, you’ll be able to get through this one.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan – Gear VR Review

The first game that I reviewed on the Gear VR was Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games. I loved that game in spite of it’s short length. It was well made, looked great, had lots of humour and was just a lot of fun. All of these features are back in Floor Plan, including, unfortunately, the short play time. This combination of features was exactly what we wanted in the early days of the Gear VR when there was a dearth of experiences to be had. But now that the library has filled up more, is it enough to warrant putting down your hard earned dollars?

Archer E Bowman

Archer E Bowman – A Gear VR Review

Archer E Bowman is a game that I really want to like. It has some humour, it looks great and it plays well. I thought that way back when it was released for free in the concepts section and I still think it now. Everything about the game is good except for one thing. It’s not a lot of fun.

I’m not sure that that is Archer E Bowman’s fault though. This game has been in development for a long time, but in that time we have been treated to (or subjected to depending on your opinion) a lot of gazed based stationary shooters. Some of them are much better than others and Archer E Bowman is certainly one of the best there is in the category, but ultimately, no matter how good of a stationary shooter it is, it’s still a stationary shooter. You can swap out the graphics, change the enemies, imbue the character with various powers or equip them with varying forms of ammunition, but in the end the play is still just looking and tapping and looking and tapping. And not a lot else.