Fusion Wars – Quick Look

If you’ve been wanting a great first person shooter game that is fast and not only has, but requires full controller support, then Fusion Wars may just be the game that you’ve been waiting for. It isn’t perfect, but it’s the most polished game we’ve seen in a long time. I suspect it will take it’s position among the ranks of games like Anshar Wars 2, Esper 2, Dead Secret and other Gear VR greats.

In Fusion Wars you are in the cockpit of a futuristic space tank and you are trying to collect something called Fusion Cores. To do this you make your way through a level destroying enemy tanks of varying types and strengths and fight a boss before collecting the core and moving on to the next level. The action is fast paced, at times perhaps a little too fast as it seems the Gear VR has trouble keeping up and there are hints of stutter, but nothing too terrible. To help with motion sickness the screen darkens around the edges by default when you are turning. If you are not someone who suffers from sim-sickness easily then you can turn this off in the options. Unfortunately it was after disabling this feature that I began to notice that my phone wasn’t quite up to the task of running this game perfectly smoothly.

There are two modes at the moment with another one coming soon according to the title screen. The modes are actually the same, but one is online and one is local. It is a cooperative mode where you and your teammates try to collect Fusion Cores and work together to take on the enemy tanks. I haven’t had a chance to play with anyone yet so I haven’t had a chance to try out the feature that gives the game it’s name, which is fusion mode. In fusion mode you combine your tank with your team mates to make one large tank with special attacks. How this tank is controlled I can’t say because I haven’t been able to do it yet, but it sounds pretty cool.

I’ve not had time to really dig into the game but I’ll keep going and post more thoughts later. If you’re uncertain whether or not this game is worth it, my early opinion is yes. Definitely.

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Daryle | VR Giant
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