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Well, I’m an idiot. Hitman Go came out on mobile ages ago and I saw it and wrote it off. It seemed to be everything I hate about mobile games. Boring and over simplistic. Take one thing and build a game around it. For the most part, even the good mobile games are good for a few minutes and then you delete them from your phone because you’ve seen everything they have to offer in the first two minutes. I love Hitman. I didn’t want to see it reduced to this.

Hitman Go

I’m guessing a lot of people reading this have already played the mobile version. I still have not and will not because I’m stubborn and also I am constantly running our of room on my phone and what little space I have is reserved for VR and pre-recorded Elmo phone calls that my kid enjoys. But if you have you probably agree with my initial assessment. I am an idiot. I should know by now that I’m usually wrong when everyone seems to like something and I’m all “psh! Lame!” Of course, if I did that, I wouldn’t be an idiot.

In case you’re wondering, what I’m trying to say is this is a good game. Just watch how much fun I am having in the video I’ve provided. In case it’s hard to tell, that’s the sound of me having fun. If you watch the video you will also hear that I’m not likely to beat the game before starting my review. There is just too much game for what little time I have so I’m starting now.

Hitman Go

One thing I liked about this game even when I thought it was an abomination and an insult to Hitman was the way it looked. It kind of made me want to play a Hitman boardgame in real life. But not on my phone screen. Well, now, thanks to the magic of VR, it’s like I am playing a Hitman board game. From Harry Potter. Those pieces move all on their own. And it’s so clean and minimal, like it came right out of Steve Jobs’ a…pple store. At least what I’ve played so far has that feel and it works. It works better than it has any right to. This is not Hitman. And yet it is still so very Hitman.

One of the things that I love about the Hitman video games is being able to do the levels in multiple ways. You can kill everybody, or nobody except your target. You can have them shot by a fellow actor or drop a chandelier on their heads. There are choices everywhere and finding them is what made those games fun for me. And, to an extent, this feature has made it into Hitman Go.

Hitman Go

In each level there are objectives and they sort of serve as these choices. You don’t have to do them all, and in some you can’t do them all without doing the level twice, but there is choice. You don’t always have to do the level the same way twice and that gives the game some good replayability.
Not that they needed to do that because holy crap there are a lot of levels. I’m afraid of this game. It’s going to take me the rest of my life to beat this thing. My kids are going to be standing beside my bed saying “Dad, you need to die soon. You’re far too old to still be alive.” And I’ll probably say something like “confound it you ingrates! I’m on the final Hitman Go level. I’ve not been playing this long only to…” and that’s when I’ll die because that’s the sort of guy that I am.

Hitman Go

From what I’ve played so far, this game has amazing sound. When Ave Maria started playing I was instantly teleported back in time to when I had no responsibilities and I could senselessly murder virtual people day in and day out and never feel even a twinge of guilt about it. And just now I went back into the game to check on other sound effects and found that I could now play some stages in the second level. Night time in a city park. The sound and immersion was spot on.

Overall I have to say that I’m very pleasantly surprised with this game. I really did not expect to care for it. But I think it’s going to be one of those games that I keep jumping into at random points throughout the day because the puzzle I’m working on is driving me nuts.

Hitman Go

I will say this, if you have experienced positional tracking, this game is going to make you desperately wish that you had it. If Square Enix could make it work, I would even print out a QR sheet and set it on a table in front of me so I could physically walk around the game board.

If I have one complaint about this game already, it’s the way you manipulate the board. You press and hold the touch pad and then either make a nodding motion to move the board toward or away from you, or you turn your head side to side to rotate. It works well enough if you don’t have access to a controller but if you do have a controller you should bloody well be able to use it! It would take almost five seconds to program it in. I may not be a pro developer, but I’ve done this much. I really can’t imagine why it was left out.

Hitman Go

That is, unless it wasn’t and it’s just my controller giving me grief. In that case, top form Square Enix! Good show! But I don’t think that’s it. My controller has been perfect… except on Jump. But, that game hardly worked for anyone. Anyway, getting off topic here.

I’ve barely started this game so I’m not going to score it yet. But I wanted to give my thoughts on what I’ve already played because, as I mentioned earlier, I’m going to be roughly 300 years old by the time I beat it. Don’t take that the wrong way. There is a lot of content, but not that much. It just so happens that I am crap at these games. Watch the video. You’ll see.

When/if I do beat this game, I will come back and score it. But I feel safe enough saying that if you like games that make you think and you enjoy VR that looks, feels and sounds amazing, then this game is absolutely worth it for you. I can’t comment on whether or not it’s worth it if you’ve already played the mobile version, but I would say this…what else are you going to play? Minecraft? Please that is so two weeks ago.

Actually, now I want to play Minecraft. I wish I could set my Hitman Go board on a table in Minecraft. Okay, getting lost again. Go buy it. Have fun. Thank me later.

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  • pooh flinging monkey

    Lol, yeah, I held out on this game at first as well, so I’m an idiot too. Such a great game. The Lara Croft game is equally impressive. They really thought things out and managed to get core concepts of each game boiled down and simplified.

    • http://vrgiant.com VR Giant

      I have the Lara Croft game. I would love to see it get the VR treatment. I’m not sure Tomb Raider translates as well to this sort of game, but it would still be cool.