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JUMP is the latest Gear VR game which allows you to move freely around a three-dimensional space from a first person perspective. You objective is to jump from rooftop to rooftop in order to eventually reach the top of the designated tower or skyscraper. Upon trying JUMP for the first time, I was immediately impressed. Did that first impression keep my hooked? Keep reading to find out.

Jump Gear VR Giant

Although simple, the graphics in JUMP are effective. Anyone familiar with the game “Mirror’s Edge” on PC, Xbox 360 or PS3 (not the mobile versions) may instantly feel like you’re back in that world. You’ll see your arms and hands in front of you, and they will sway as you run. Other than that, you’ll be surrounded by towers that increase in size as you work toward the objective. The graphics get the job done, but don’t expect anything too fancy.

As for the objectives, the same two are listed at the beginning of each level. The first is to reach the flag at the top of the orange tower. The second objective is to avoid the ground. An incomplete jump will have you plunging to the ground, at which point you’ll restart the level from the beginning.

The gameplay is honestly fun, although it’s relatively straightforward without much variation. You jump from one tower to the next. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fairly exhilarating feeling when you get really high and look down from the edge of a tower, or risk a distant jump and really hope you make it. I actually quite enjoy the game. However, it lacks variety. There could have been more objectives, or at least unique ones for each level. In addition, this game could benefit substantially from simple additions like collectible items scattered around the cityscapes. As it stands, you simply continue to jump until you reach the top.

In terms of the audio, the music suits the game, but I was disappointed with the lack of sound effects. There could easily be sounds for footsteps when running, a slapping sound when landing, and even breathing sounds while you dash to the edge for the next big leap. The lack of these audio effects seems like an odd choice.

Jump Gear VR Giant

Perhaps it’s due to the gamepad I used (ASUS gamepad that is designed for the Nexus Player), but at the end of each level, the “B” button to return to the level select didn’t work. I read about the same issue online, so I’m not alone. This issue is aggravated by the lack of a “pause” screen, which left me with no choice but to completely exit the game after completing each level.

My final beef is based on how quickly I completed JUMP. I don’t mind short games, as long as they’re enjoyable and unique, and despite what may seem like some negativity in my review, I honestly feel that JUMP is both enjoyable and unique. However, some people understandably also value good bang for your buck. If you’re good enough, you can have all five levels completed in under an hour. I took my time and tried some silly things, but I still don’t think I spent more than one or two hours before completing JUMP. On the plus side, I’d say that there is at least some replayability for the sake of that thrill of heights.

Jump Gear VR Giant

There aren’t many Gear VR games that allow you to move freely from a first person perspective. The most likely reason for this is movement in virtual reality that does not mimic actual movement in real life can play tricks on your brain, and can cause motion sickness fairly quickly. Game listings on the Oculus store give a rating for comfort, and JUMP scores rather low with “comfortable for few”. Fortunately, with enough exposure to VR, you can truly adjust to this. It’s often referred to as “getting your VR legs” and I’m happy to announce that I must have mine now, as I had no such motion sickness while playing JUMP. However, you’ve been warned.


Despite pointing out a number of negatives, I still really enjoyed my time playing JUMP. The first person perspective is exciting, the thrills are real, and I enjoy the simple graphics. However, JUMP feels somewhat incomplete in its current state. It’s lacking basic things like sound effects, it’s rather short and it lacks variety, but I still recommend this to those interested in the unique gameplay. Some of these issues can likely be updated in the future and I hope they are. Until then, you can still have a great time playing JUMP, but keep your expectations in line with what the game offers.


  • Thrilling sensation when looking around at great heights
  • Simple, but effective graphics
  • Enjoyable gameplay


  • Lacking variety
  • Limited duration
  • Lacks sound effects
  • Potential for motion sickness
Comfort Level 7
Graphics 8
Sound 5
Difficulty 7.5
Fun Factor 8

VR Giant Overall Score:

(Not an Average) 7

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Written by:

David | VR Giant
Twitter: @wttdavid
Email: david@vrgiant.com

The Facts

✓ Price: $4.99

✓ Gamepad Required

✓ Single Player Experience

Game Studio & Publisher

Endeavor One

  • Based in Seattle
  • Consists of former staff of Bungie, Sony and Valve
  • JUMP will be released for Gear VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

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