Mr Cat Adventures – The Boots Were Made For Walkin’

Yesterday I was writing about the new games that came out and I had a few complaints about Mr Cat Adventures. There was no tutorial to tell you what to do, the camera was too high up and you had no control over it, the difficulty curve was all over the place and there was no controller support at all. I realized that the game was free but these things still combined to make it an unenjoyable experience and unfortunately, unenjoyable experiences don’t become enjoyable just because they are free. I even made a video full of complaints about the game wherein I suggested avoiding the game due to all these shortcomings (also because I was mixed up and thought the game had a price tag at the time of recording.)

But all of that work is useless today because I checked the available updates and found that almost every one of my complaints have been dealt with. The camera is now low to the ground, it can be rotated with a swipe of the trackpad, there are tutorial levels and the game starts very easy and gets harder as you go. It’s hard for me to judge the difficulty curve now as I had already beaten all of the levels yesterday, but I feel with the tutorials and easier starting levels it is better than it was. I didn’t think to check on controller support, but that’s a pretty small gripe as the most I could hope for is selecting the destination tile with a button and rotating the camera with the thumbstick.

Mr Cat

Mr Cat Adventures is a puzzle game that is played similarly to Hitman Go. You must make it from your starting point to the finishing point by moving along a path with set way points and you must do so without the enemy seeing you or else they are going to bite your face off. If you can get them from the back or the side, you can shoot their stupid faces with arrows or, if you happen to have a spear, you can give them a brain piercing from two squares away. This means you can attack from the front as the enemies are very lazy and will not kill you if it means they have to move. At least the snakes anyway. I suppose there are other enemies that ruin everything I just said. Ignore them for now. I think you get the point. This part of the game has not changed. But a lot has.

With the camera now down lower the game feels completely different. In fact, it feels so different that I didn’t even realize right away that I was playing the same levels as yesterday when I reached them. (You would know that if my stinkin’ video had worked… breathe…think of the monitor…) And I’m surprised at how much a new perspective on the game can make it feel more engaging and just more fun. It’s not unlike the difference between watching something on TV and actually being there. Yesterday I was thinking that this game had no reason for being on the Gear VR. I could turn my head to look around but there was nothing important to the game there. It could just as easily have been on a screen. In fact, the higher resolution of the screen would have made it better. Thankfully, that’s no longer a concern.

Mr Cat
I’ve only played through the first world so I can’t comment on how the rest of the game will go, but since it’s free it doesn’t really matter. If you don’t like it, just delete it. I strongly suggest though, that if you already tried it and decided to never try it again, that you update the game and give it another shot. It is now the game that should have been released yesterday. So many big changes were made that I can only assume they had been planned all along and they just didn’t have time to implement them before launch. I can’t imagine why the devs would put that much extra work into a free game, but they did so the least we can do is show support by playing the thing. Otherwise we can’t really complain if we get devs who just phone it in.

EDIT: Forget all the grumbling I was doing about the video. Looks like it might work out after all! I’m probably way happier about that than you are. 

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Written by:

Daryle | VR Giant
Twitter: @VRG_Daryle

  • lordcris

    Hello bro, I am the stupid developer of this game. Thank you for playing and introducing, and we will continue improve…
    Yeah you’re right I’m in China, We have made this version(the day 2 version) last month but forgot submit to Gear VR Store…. It is so sad

    This game is free because we’re not a “pure” game company, actually we made this game in part time. But it’s a good start, we will do our best to made more game which takes more fun, thank you again and nice to meet you

    • VR Giant

      Why stupid developer? I hope something I said didn’t come across as me thinking you were stupid. I admit, the day 1 version was a bit of a letdown for me, but you fixed it the next day and advised anyone who played day one and didn’t like it to try it again. I look forward to future updates.

      • lordcris

        Stupid is a Chinese style joke, forget it.

        • VR Giant

          Heh, I was wondering but I didn’t want to act like it was a joke if it wasn’t. Hard to tell online sometimes.

          • lordcris

            It’s about different culture, there is lot’s of things I am going to know :-)

    • mobjois

      I’m very interested to know why you chose to use the sound effects from Angry Birds. Are you at all concerned that Rovio will financially ruin you? From a user perspective, it’s also shocking to hear the unique sounds that contribute to the branding of a game copied into another game out of context.

  • David Dunster

    I recently got the Gear VR. I tried this game out and thought the game eas pretty good. Different view angles, no blood and guts and you move at your own pace. Would like to see more levels and would love to try this with my Samsung Odyssey but could find the game under Oculus or Steam. Nuce game, relaxing and a challenge at times. Great job they did with it.