Neverout Contest


Setapp is having a contest!

Want to have your name permanently engraved in a wall at the end of Neverout? Now you can.

The rules are simple.

There are two spots up for grabs.

The first spot is for players who finish the game, press the button and share a screenshot from the game on Twitter with #SignNEVEROUT.

To grab the second spot just share your thoughts about Neverout on Twitter with the hashtag #SignNEVEROUT and keep fingers crossed.

Neverout has quite a few levels and many of them are quite challenging. If want to take the first spot you’d better start playing soon. Contest ends March 31, 2016.

Check out the contest landing page

Haven’t played Neverout before? Don’t know what the heck I’m talking about? Check out our review.

Note: With the recent System Activities update you should now have a Utilities option in the universal menu (the menu that comes up when you press and hold the back button.) You can take a screenshot or record video from there.

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Written by:

Daryle | VR Giant
Twitter: @VRG_Daryle