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If you haven’t done so yet, check out our preview of Neverout here. I am going to try to avoid rehashing the material as much as possible.
Every once in a while in the mobile gaming scene, VR or otherwise, there comes a game that knows exactly what it is, does it very well and, to the benefit of us all, leaves everything else out. Neverout is one of those games.

Neverout succeeds in every area. In VR, it is one of the most immersive games I’ve played, taking place entirely within small rooms that keep everything close so you don’t lose the 3D effect. As a puzzler, it is smart, such that even when you complete one of the easier puzzles you will smile at the cleverness of the developers. And you will be driven to find the solution to the hard ones, even when it seems like you’ve tried everything. The sound is perfectly basic. No music, just mood. It does it’s part to add to the feeling of isolation. The graphics are top notch as well. There were many times I stopped and took some time to admire just how real everything looks.

Neverout’s key play mechanic is a rotating room. Walk toward a wall and you don’t stop when you hit it. Instead the room rotates and the wall becomes the floor. This rotation happens whether you walk on a wall, a crate, or any other solid object in the room. But you have to be careful because objects that aren’t attached to the wall will fall and if you are under them when they do you’re about the become a lot thinner.

Neverout has plenty of content that should keep you going for a few hours. In the level select chamber there is a door on each wall. One is the exit, but to open the exit you will have to complete twelve puzzles in each of the other five doors. Some puzzles are easy and will take you a matter of seconds to complete, but if you’re anything like me there are some that will take you significantly longer. In fact, you might have to take a break and come back to it with fresh eyes to see the solution.

In an earlier build of the game I was worried about the room spinning mechanic. It didn’t bother me, but I could tell by the intensity of the feeling I got in my stomach that people prone to sim-sickness were going to have issues. Lead developer Michał Wróblewski assured me that they were working on it and finding a solution was their number one priority. I couldn’t imagine how they were going to do it, but I’m happy to report they did. Their solution is so small and unobtrusive that you might not even realize it’s happening without having played the earlier build but I went from feeling like I was going to fall over, to feeling nothing at all.

Neverout is priced at $7.99. That’s a good deal cheaper than other games of similar caliber. It’s impossible to please everyone, but I think that Neverout should be a satisfying purchase for most with a Gear VR. Unfortunately, for the time being, it is only for the 2015 devices but Setapp is working on the Note 4 version and hopes to have it out in the coming weeks.


  • Simple Yet Gorgeous Design
  • Some of The Best Graphics Yet
  • Fun and Engaging Puzzles
  • Plenty of Content


  • There is one room where the footsteps don’t sound great. I mean, they’re okay. That’s about it though.
Comfort Level 8.5
Graphics 9
Sound 8
Difficulty 7.5
Fun Factor 8.5

VR Giant Overall Score:

(Not an Average) 8.5

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Written by:

Daryle | VR Giant
Twitter: @VRG_Daryle

The Facts

✓ Price: $7.99

✓ Gamepad supported, not required

✓ Single Player Experience

✓ Approximate play time: 2-4 hours

Game Studio & Publisher


  • Located in Poland
  • Also from Setapp is Escape Velocity

Check them out at:

Neverout Bonus Info

Bonus information straight from the lead developer

  • The game mechanics were successfully adapted from ‘Out of the box’, a mobile game created earlier by the same team. Originally, the cube was viewed from the outside, in an isometric view.
  • Neverout, made with Unity3d, is a first VR-powered game from Setapp.
  • The game took 4 months to develop.
  • 1753 cups of coffee were drunk in the process.
  • Over 150 game levels were created during production phase. Some of them were too hard, even for developers.
  • For a cool experience, try to jump in reality when you move forward to fall from a higher place into the exit.
  • The name for Neverout was created when they were talking about The Neverhood.