New Release: Invasion!

Invasion Gear VR Giant

Publisher: Baobab Studios Inc.     Developer: Baobab Studios

Price: $FREE

Category: Video     Genre: Adventure, Narrative

Comfort Level: Comfortable for most
Gamepad Required: No

Invasion! is a VR animated series. Exclusive bonus features are included.

“Across the gulf of space intellects vast, cool and unsympathetic, regarded our planet with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us.”

Menacing aliens come to take over the Earth and destroy anyone that tries to stop them. However, despite the Aliens’ superior technology and firepower, the citizens of Earth are able to rise up and defeat the invaders. But these citizens of Earth aren’t humans. Instead, they are two of the cutest, sweetest, cuddliest and meekest creatures of our planet — two adorable little white bunnies.

Invasion! was created by Eric Darnell, director and writer for the Madagascar movies.

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Written by:

David | VR Giant
Twitter: @wttdavid