New Release – Tomb of the Golems

Tomb of the Golems Gear VR Giant

Publisher: GREE, Inc.     Developer: GREE, Inc.

Category: Games     Genre: Action, Casual

Comfort Level: Comfortable for most
Gamepad Required: No

Spectacular VR action adventure set in Egyptian ruins!

When Sydney was searching for her brother who got lost during his archaeological research of the ruins, she found a mysterious sanctuary under the ruins.

She and her monkey friend Luca entered to search for him, but the gods and their servants awoke and began attacking them.

Fight back with Sydney and escape alive!

-Be on your guard in 360 degree angle and defeat the enemies!
-Battle with huge enemy bosses!
-Find secrets and solve puzzles!

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Oculus Rift Cover

Written by:

David | VR Giant
Twitter: @wttdavid