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Ocean Rift Demo


The Ocean Rift demo will give you a great taste of what to expect from the full version, and it’s not nearly as limited as you’d imagine from something labelled “demo”. You’ll have full access to many of the experiences from the full version. Put on your scuba suit and jump in! I highly recommend starting with the “Great White Shark” experience, especially if you want something that doesn’t necessarily require any controls.



Colosse is a short, but enjoyable experience that takes place in 3D in a 360 degree environment. I found this to be a great starting point for virtual reality storytelling, as the simple graphics look very clean, controls are basically non-existent, and it’s short enough to get a taste before moving on.



Interested in something scary? Sisters has you covered. This experience uses the direction of your gaze to progress. I won’t say too much about it, other than that I recommend wearing your headphones to truly immerse yourself in the environment.

Oculus Rift Cover

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