You Can View The Gear VR Store From Any Browser


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When I heard the news that Minecraft Gear VR Edition was released, I was eager to learn about it. I quickly loaded up Google and searched “Minecraft Gear VR”. Not only did I find what I was looking for, I also found a listing for the game on Oculus’ website. My focus immediately shifted from Minecraft to the fact that I found listings for the entire Gear VR Store without my Samsung phone. It’s within a section called “Experiences”, which also has a tab for Rift titles.

This may not seem like a big deal to many and perhaps this isn’t news to some of you, but this has been a persistent question on forums such as reddit for months. It’s not uncommon for new or prospective Gear VR users to ask variations of the question “How do I see what’s available for Gear VR without having the hardware?” The question would always receive the same answers, mostly that you could use a workaround to install the Gear VR software without the VR hardware, but that was the extent of your options.

Eventually, an avid contributor to the Gear VR subreddit by the name of “goin_nil” went as far as creating a shared Google Doc, one that has been updated as recently as two weeks ago. It lists everything that you need to know without having access to the store, but understandably lacks features like images.


Left: Oculus Gear VR Store App on Gear VR-compatible phone. Right: Gear VR Store (“Experiences”) on mobile browser.

Having the entire store listing available online is ideal to attract new customers to the platform. It’s now possible to view the available content and make a more informed decision about your potential purchase. The website doesn’t include user ratings, but it does include all of the preview images if you click on the featured image.

Unfortunately, the ability to purchase apps on your account through the website is not possible, you’re still required to buy content from your compatible Samsung phone. Perhaps a future update will allow you to purchase apps from your browser and install to other devices similarly to browser purchases on Google Play for Android devices. Until then, you’ll at least be able to check out new content without your Gear VR-compatible phone and prospective buyers will be able to get a glimpse of the growing catalogue available.

Check out the Gear VR Store from any browser, including your phone’s browser:

Oculus Gear VR Experiences

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  • David | VR Giant

    Interestingly, the Oculus Experiences section for Gear VR lists what I assume is the American version. As a Canadian, the Hulu app caught me off guard!