You’ll Soon Be Able To Tour The Titanic in Virtual Reality

Unimersiv announced that they will be adding a Titanic tour  to their growing library of educational experiences within their Gear VR app. Details are still limited, but the team has already released some elaborate screenshots to pique our interest. One thing we do know is that the addition will not be free, but the price seems quite reasonable for what sounds like a unique experience.


According to a recent reddit post from Founder and CEO Baptise Greve, Unimersiv’s Titanic experience will initially release with three areas that include the exploration of the exterior of the Titanic, the wheelhouse, and the reception room and grand staircase. Full freedom of movement will be available for interior rooms, but performance issues may hold back that freedom for the exterior at launch. Additional rooms will be added to the experience afterward.

The Unimersiv app was first added to the “Concepts” section of the Gear VR catalogue approximately two weeks ago with three initial experiences. You can take a guided tour around the International Space Station, study parts of the human body with Anatomy VR or learn about the development of Stonehenge. With plans to add at least one new experience each month, they hope to make the Titanic available in June. Unimersiv’s goal is to have “10-15 educational experiences by the end of the year” according to Greve in a recent discussion with UploadVR.

You can currently try the first three Unimersiv experiences for free on the Gear VR, and the Oculus Rift version will “publish soon.” Greve stated that the virtual reality educational platform will be open to third party developers and that some content will come at a small fee. Greve has confirmed by email that the Titanic experience will be available for a $2.99 purchase through the Unimersiv app.

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